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Why Does Oak Barrels So Important in Winemaking

History records that before wine bottles were invented, 1600 before, wines are stored and sold in the wooden barrels. As a fact, old paintings and even movies show that wine are strewn on wooden barrels. Before and even at present, oak barrels plays and important in wine making. Its integral part in wines or whisky has been never indispensable.

There are two different kinds of oaks that are primarily used in winemaking. One of it is the European white oak or known as the Quercus Petrea. It is commonly found in Slavonia, Hungary and France. The other type is the American white oak or known as the Quercus Alba. It can be found at the Missouri and in the Midwest part of America.

But, how does oak barrel contribute to the wine and why is it so important? According to studies, oak barrels offer three important contributions to wine. Here are some of those.

  1. It makes the wine taste creamier. Because the oak woods provide a suitable environment for the wine to undergo the malolactic fermentation, its taste becomes tastier and aromatic.
  2. Oxygen or air is an enemy of wine. Due to oak barrels properties that slows the ingress of the oxygen, it makes wine or whisky less astringent and taste smoother.
  3. Oak woods add flavoring to the wine. Among those flavor compounds are the vanilla, eugenol spices, oak lactone and smoke.

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