The Benefits of Excel in Personal Life

by Charlie Threlfall
Benefits of Excel

When we hear about Microsoft Excel, many of us associate it with spreadsheets, tables, cells and, in short, office work. As it’s such a staple in business, it would be easy to overlook its usefulness in daily life. The truth is that it’s an invaluable tool for personal budgeting, finances, filing and a range of other home uses. There are even ways to make Excel even better.

While many avoid the topic, and may choose to limit its functionality to the office, once you master Excel, your view will invariably change as a world of possibilities opens up. With just a few keyboard strokes and simple know-how, you can create engaging reports, databases, lists and keep all your important, personal information handy for when you need it. 

With formulas, shortcuts and macros available, you can find many simple routes for completing even your most time consuming, mundane tasks. This is also a great way to upskill your own Excel abilities, opening you up for more opportunities in your professional life too.  

Common Uses of Microsoft Excel

Most of us can and should experience the benefits of Excel in daily life, whether that’s at home, work, in school, or staying on top of our personal finances. 

Today, anybody can create monthly expense reports by using Excel, and this could be handy for a tax return later. We can even track our spending habits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and it’s a great habit to teach children. It makes them more mindful of their money, outgoings, and teaches them valuable life skills for the future. 

To get started, you can create your own basic spreadsheet or find a pre-loaded Excel template which makes sense to you. If you’re interested in developing your skills further and taking the next step, there are many courses and tutorials available. 

Benefits of Excel in personal life, with help from Neo Code

Taking Your Excel Further with Neo Code

If you want to improve your skills using Microsoft Excel, there are many different options available, for beginners through to experienced users. 

One excellent option is Neo Code, a software development company based in Canada who also produce customised Excel solutions for companies, create bespoke, automated macros and generally help streamline your Excel use. 

Neo Code simply improves on where Excel can fall behind, tailoring it to any user or company, big and small, who find they’ve reached a limit in what they can personally gain from the system. 

Find out more about Neo Code and how they could improve your Excel habits.