4 Legit Steps to Revamp Your Bathroom

by Charlie Threlfall

There is a thin line drawn between practicality and luxury when it comes to revamping any area in the house especially when it is the bathroom. What do you do to achieve the centre of that line?


Your bathroom has to store all the toiletries of an entire household as you deal with bustled activities on a daily basis from peak time to another. It should be the best place where you can forget all your troubles as you get a relaxing bath or shower.


First thing you can do of course is to clean it up. A deep cleaning ensures you with a better looking bathroom that that works at its best. The cleaning may involve descaling your shower head, whitening your flooring and walls by getting rid of all the black gunk in between the tiles, painting the old vanity, replacing some wall mounted accessories, and more. Giving your bathroom a good scrub will surely give a more pleasant atmosphere.


Second thing you can do is to light it up. It is very important that your bathroom is well lit since you do some important rituals there everyday like shaving or even putting your make up on. Check if you need to replace or add up some spotlights, downlights, ceiling lights or wall lights.


Third thing to consider is adding up storage places. It doesn’t mean to put a huge one but to just add up little cabinets to have more area that can organize your toiletries. A bathroom is indeed a busy room and it needs to be organized. You are perhaps tired of seeing your bathroom filled with clutter at times and cabinets, caddies, baskets, or shelves may be good to solve this problem. These are easy to build and can be very stylish if you make some twists.

Fourth thing is to upgrade your vanity. Vanities bring life to bathrooms. There is a wide range of signature bathroom vanities online like the best ones found in Allure Bathrooms. From Nora White to Alaska and Classic, Bliss, Lush, Chevron, Hilton, Escape, Envy, and so much choices in stock. You can choose from any of these to match the theme of your bathroom.  It is very important that you give emphasis on your vanity otherwise something is lacking in your bathroom.


It may sound like a difficult balance but for sure a more beautiful bathroom is achievable. You just need to plan the revamping well and make sure you get the best bathroom accessories needed.


No need for a massive overhaul to get a brand new bathroom though. Just follow these four tips and you can expect for a fresher and more interesting bathroom.

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