How to Find a Lawyer in Brighton – Some Useful Tips

by Charlie Threlfall
Best Brighton lawyers

Need to find reliable legal advice around Brighton? Then you need to look for the best lawyers that will cater to all your legal needs.

You can find Brighton lawyers through personal referrals, business referrals, and lawyer referral services.

Personal referrals are from people whom you know casually. You may meet people who had experienced the same situations as you do. You can listen to their recommendations. But remember to always think independently and weigh those suggestions.

Business referrals are possible through different business entities that are connected with a particular law firm, an example of this could be an accounting firm.

You can also browse the internet. The digital world is so advanced and is now openly used for promotions, may it be for businesses or other activities. Some law firms are now utilizing the internet to promote their services. Giving inquiries and setting appointments online is now way more convenient than actually going to the firm most especially for busy people.

Law Firm Websites

Almost every law firm has a website. Law firm websites vary considerably in their quality and the amount of information they provide. Some law firm websites provide an extremely limited amount of biographical information. Other websites provide complete biographical information, as well as publications, and sometimes even blogs and podcasts.


LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. LinkedIn allows a user to post a detailed profile. Many lawyers are on LinkedIn. Some have posted detailed profiles, others have not. LinkedIn is growing, and more lawyers seem to be taking it seriously. As of this time, LinkedIn is hit or miss on information about lawyers, but it is worth checking.


Once you have the name of a particular lawyer you want to research, Google (as well as Bing and Yahoo) can be valuable. In “Googling” a lawyer’s name, one can often find other information about a lawyer, sometimes including links to articles the lawyer has written or links to cases the lawyer has handled. The “advanced search” feature on Google can be useful in narrowing results.

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