Best Macbook Pro Case Choices Online

by Charlie Threlfall

It is always a good move to assess as much Macbook Pro cases or sleeves online before acquiring one. Nonetheless, most would not have time to do so that is why I thought it will be a great help to make a research and then share it here. I am hoping that this will be a great help for you. Here are the best Macbook Pro Cases and Sleeves that I would recommend.

Leather-look MacBook Sleeve

Split Leather Laptop Case for MacBook

MacBook Soft Sleeve Case

MacBook Soft Liner Sleeve Bag

First of all, it is important to know that for general commuting purposes, your computer should be safe, whether you are transporting by your own private car, by a bus, by a train, or anything. What is important here is to preserve your machine’s lifespan. Here are the sleeves or cases that have strong shock absorbers yet designed from lightweight materials:

  1. The Leather-look MacBook Sleeve is one of the best macbook accessories for minimalists. It is simple with a bang. It matches almost any fashion statement from formal to smart casual and from corporate to some ragged clothes. This sleeve closes shut with its magnets securely and leaving you nothing to worry about especially when you know that it has good shock absorbing layer in spite of its thin and lightweight features. You can have it in colours like black, light pink, light blue, light green, khaki, and gray.
  2. The Split Leather Laptop Case for MacBook is your high quality case designed with the adoption of advanced process- ‘paint edge’. In case you don’t get what it means (as I also did the first time I heard it), “paint edge” means that the stitching is perfect so that the sides appear thinner and stylish. The elegance is there backed up with the two hidden magnetic snaps that are convenient to shut and open. I always think about this as a perfect gift for a mac owner.
  3. The MacBook Soft Sleeve Case features a sleek artificial leather exterior that is stylish and easy to clean. It provides good protection to your mac because is water resistant and is built with a reliable shock absorbing system. Make it as your best buddy that you can even put in an ordinary bag. The all-around protection is backed up with suede-like interior, making your laptop scratch-free as you move around with it on your back or the side hung by a sling. Your Macbook Soft Sleeve Case is designed to also carry most of your gadgets all at once.
  4. The MacBook Soft Liner Sleeve Bag provides protection not just for your mac but alsoyou’re your other accessories since there is a separate built-in pouch in the exterior. This has wool-felt material and protective interior that is water resistant in and out. The interior is awesome as it keeps your mac from scratches and dust.

Though there are still a lot of great choices in the internet, these four are so far the best options that  I can name of. Prices range from 20 USD to 80 USD, which is very reasonable reckoning with the very good quality. All these four are practically made available at YrGear, which I have discovered as a one of the most convenient online shops for mac accessories in Australia. Try getting your stuff shipped from there and I bet it will be a cool experience.

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