Giant Paperclip Hacks and Wise Uses

by Charlie Threlfall

Paperclips are very tiny yet very important tools in every office. But what if you have a giant one? Well of course, it can hold larger quantity of papers. What if you can use the Giant Paperclip for a lot more ways? Like these:

Imagine a giant paperclip that you can use as a smartphone mount, plant hanger, Fish hooks, emergency key chain, Flower wire, Letter opener, Hair barrette, money clip, Belt holder, egg dipper, Compass, and so much more!

I saw a giant paperclip collection from YrGear recently and thought these are great tools to acquire. I can manage to use them not just in my office but also for some ways as mentioned above.

These big and strong clips are about 4-inches long and come in different colors. These are great for money holder, paper holder, and letter holder. They are also ideal for adding a touch of class to any report they are attached to, that is, if your professor or boss would like the idea.

In case you want to design it and re-sell, that will be a great idea too. It is possible to glue on flat beads, paper punches, gemstones, charms,  silk flowers, cabochons, ribbons, pebbles, and much more. It can be a good business that sells especially online.

The bright and corrosion-resistant jumbo paperclips can also be used in your kitchen to hold pouched ingredients or also with packed foods like junk foods. Why not? It can be used anywhere around your house and not just in the office.

I suggest you get your own set today and make sure that you get from a trusted online shop like YrGear, which ships orders quickly and safely. I know you have a lot of creative plans in your mind now so make these happen soon!

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