What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Can of Cola?

by Charlie Threlfall
Coca Cola Covers

No one can resist the sweetness and the amazing flavors of colas right? You can even pair it to different kinds of foods and complement with it perfectly. Drinking it makes you experience a piece of heaven especially when you drink it during hot seasons. No one will argue for sure, it is indeed such a great thirst-quencher. But are you aware of the negative effects it can give you too?

Colas and other sugary drinks are considered as one of the major contributors to health problems that most people encounters today. These health problems include obesity and type 2 diabetes, which can eventually lead to more serious complications like stroke, heart problems, heart attack and even death. In fact, according to the study conducted by Medical News Today, about 184,000 deaths each year happens all around the world in relation to the consumption of sugary drinks alone.

According to health experts, only about 6 teaspoons of sugar a day is recommended daily. Consuming more than that can already pose danger to the body since too much sugar can cause organs to fail. A single can of cola, which is about 330ml, often have an estimated amount of 10 teaspoons sugar in it. So, drinking even just one can of it can already take us above the required amount.

British pharmacist Niraj Naik explained how drinking cola can create an impact in the body once we take it in. According to him, a can of cola has tremendous amount of sugar in it that would make us vomit the very moment we drink it. The only reason why we can keep the drink down is the phosphoric acid present in it.

About 20 minutes upon taking the drink, our blood sugar will rise dramatically and would cause our body to produce a lot of insulin. The liver will try to control the sugar present in our body by converting whatever sugar it could get and convert it to fat.

After another 20 minutes, caffeine is completely absorbed by the body and the effects starts to sink in. Pupils become dilated and blood pressure increases. Adenosine receptors are also blocked, which prevent us from feeling tired.

Another five minutes later, the cola now acts like a heroin increasing the production of dopamine, which is like a happy pill. This is what makes the drink addictive. The happiness we can get from it makes us eager to have another shot.

About an hour after the consumption of cola, sugar crash will happen. This time, happiness starts to crash down causing drowsiness and irritability. It is also in this time that the water from the beverage will be flushed out of the body.

This only goes to show how crucial it is not to drink so much of these beverages. So, I recommend controlling your cravings to beverages such as these and turn to healthier alternatives such as water. Bring refillable stainless steel water bottles with you so you can always carry this good stuff and refill it anywhere. Just make sure to choose one that is bpa free. Stainless steel water bottles can surely be like your partner that will help you overcome your cravings.

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