Health Benefits of LED Downlight

by Charlie Threlfall
LED Downlights

When it comes to choosing a general lighting, it is always best to choose products that will never endanger your health and safety! Some of the features that make affect health are the burnout, flicker, hum, ultraviolet ray emission and  toxic chemical present in the lights such as mercury or lead.

According to research, LED lights are safer and healthier compared to incandescent, fluorescent,and halogen fixtures. It is because the LED light has no mercury or lead content, it doesn’t emit ultraviolet rays and does not excessively produces heat. To help you identify if your lighting option is healthy or dangerous, the below are some characteristics that you should observe.

  • It is the distracting, notorious and annoying droning sound. According to studies, hum can cause irritability, fatigue, hyperactivity and attention deficits. Fluorescent lights are some of those lighting that emits hums while LED lights are silent and offers a full light spectrum.
  • Studies done by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) shows that flickering light can cause eyestrain and headache. Compared to bulbs, fluorescents and CFL lights, LED lights exhibit a very minimal to zero flicker because it is powered by a constant DC voltage regulator or uses and adapter from AC to C power. With these LED Downlight reduces negative health effects associated with flickering that fluorescent and incandescent lights may pose.
  • LED does not contain any mercury or lead, so you can easily and safely disposed it. Incandescent and fluorescent lights possess this extremely poisonous and dangerous substance.


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