Importance of Photography in Graphic Designs

by Charlie Threlfall

According to Ansel Adams, “A true photograph needs not to be explained, nor can it be contained in words”. This famous quote from Adam is indeed true. Indeed, the photograph itself holds a great value and is worth more than thousands of words! Sometimes or most of the times, the picture itself is sufficient enough to convey messages, emotions and illustrations.

As we can see around us, photography is one of the very essential components in advertising and graphic designs. With these, most of the advertisement expressed through visual images is more effective than thousand of words. It has been also widely utilized as a tool to capture an emotion, special event, and many illustrating an idea.

With the use of photography, branding becomes more easy and attractive. Graphic designers manipulate images or pictures to communicate the idea that they want to portray. Because of the powerful impact of advertising using images, companies tend to hire graphic designers with a background in photography.

Choosing a professional photographer makes the job of graphic designer easy and simple. The accuracy of the shots, angles and styles contributes to the effectiveness of ads. It is a general rule that great photos require catchy text to make it more effective. Other elements considered are the fonts, designs, symbols and the colors applied. Careful combinations of those elements make advertising more attractive and appealing.

A professional photographer partnered with a creative graphic designer will always make a big impact on advertisement. It is important that their collaboration of ideas must be in unity to achieve the desired result.

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