Campsites in Australia

by Charlie Threlfall

Have you ever been to great campsites in Australia? Have you ever experienced camping out for a vacation?

Camping is considered to be a world-wide outdoor recreational activity. Although some people may think it involves a whole lot of basic survival skills such as building a tent, cooking food without using any electrical appliances, or making fire using twigs, it does include other activities like hiking and swimming (if the campsite is right by the lake) as well. It also requires a certain level of knowledge on do’s and don’ts while setting up on a camping site.

With that, here are some campsites in Australia to consider when planning this outdoor activity:

Lilyponds Holiday Park

Located at 26 Warruga St., Mapleton, Queensland, this park simply offers a magnificent coast hinterland view. Along with affordable camping sites, Lilyponds Holiday Park boasts of modernised cabins, caravans, and bunk rooms. Aside from that, the park’s camping grounds also has an avocado orchard, perfect for those who plan on having picnics as well.

Bimbi Park

Bimbi Park is situated in Cape Otway, Victoria. In addition, it is recognized as a recipient of 2013 PCO (PowerCor Colac Otway) Business Excellence and Micro-Business Awards. Truly, as an award-winning park, it offers a great camping ground with spectacular views on its surrounding forests and coastlines.

What are you waiting for? Inquire on these above-mentioned campsites in Australia and start your vacation and be one with nature.

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