Travelers Guide to Brisbane CBD

by Charlie Threlfall

Brisbane CBD is an impressive scene, dominated by skyscrapers, office and residential buildings, botanical gardens and plenty of heritage buildings of 90th century. Within the central location is the financial district too which is populated with numerous multinationals corporations. These businesses are in partnership with courier and freight companies are delivering products within least time. The bustling city was added with a set of entertainment network sites that goes more alive in night time. A known leisure spot is the Conrad Treasury Casino along the Brisbane River.

Within the Brisbane cbd are old buildings such as the Parliament House and Observatory. Moreover, one of the well known buildings is the ANZAC Square which is built with amazing multiple stairs.  The Post Office Square is also an important landmark to GPO, regarded as the official centre and built in 1872. Elizabeth Street is a short-distant to the financial district. In a near distance is the Cathedral of St Stephen too, a catholic church designed into a Gothic style and constructed in 1864. Furthermore, the Cathedral of St Stephen has an amazing view of the Brisbane skyscrapers.

Passing through the cathedrals, is the road to Charlotte Street which makes every shopaholics smile and get excited.  The street was surrounded with restaurants and shopping places and further treats anyone to the breathtaking view the legendary Story Bridge. This bridge connects the CBD to the Kangaroo Point. Also there is an interesting old Customs House that any traveler would love to witness. It was a remnants way back from 19th century.

Some other famous landmarks in the financial district of Brisbane are botanical gardens, amphitheater and Queensland University of Technology. If you are one of the business enthusiast and a tourist in the city, several accommodations are available in the Brisbane metro. Needing some package, documents and other stuff for parcel delivery, contact the nearest one in the central business district.


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