River Near the Perth Airport

by Charlie Threlfall

Perth is one of the loveliest cities in Australia. Most of the tourists prefer the city as their ideal getaway place due to its stunning natural beauty, hospitable accommodations and exciting outdoor activities to engage in. Primarily, the city offers lot of thrilling and exciting water activities such as cruising, diving, snorkeling and nature trails. The city centre also boasts a lavish nightlife. Moreover, the city also offers impressive natural attractions to be visited.

Among those top three natural attractions close to Perth Airport are the below.

Swan River

One of the well known rivers in Perth is the Swan River. It separates the southern suburbs from the downtown area and provides lush vistas. It features impressive attractions such as the numerous black swans swimming, its wide sparkling expanse that is perfect for water sport activities and the green fields located behind it. Fishing is also one of the great activities to engage in at the river. Additionally is the spectacular scene to be witness during early in the morning as the sun rises and during afternoon as the sun sets.

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