Carousel Storage Can Improve Your Warehouse Operations

by Charlie Threlfall
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What is vertical storage carousel?

Vertical storage carousel system reduces costs, improves and optimizes the work of companies. In addition, the area on which this equipment placed is used as much as possible (vertically).

Carousel type (vertical carousel), provides and controls the goods, and quick access to the goods is provided by an automated system. In short, the Vertical storage carousel will provide the most productive power for your company.

Vertical Carousel Storage

Space in height creates great advantages to save space, vertical carousel storage system reserves are monitored using special software. Order preparation for a specialist is faster, what saves the time. The stocking goods in a warehouse becomes safer, an automated vertical carousel storage improves the company’s image.

Structure of the vertical carousel storage system

The special device executes the automatic removal of goods. In this system, the principle of “cargo to the operator” is laid, so the specialist does not move toward the production, as the goods approach automatically to the operator’s table. All these actions allow to optimize the movement and reduce the time for processing of the goods. It in this case the operator performs many functions standing on one place: shipment, formation, receipt and others. All actions are recorded and monitored with special software equipment and software.

Vertical racks of the carousel type, suitable for storage of: car tires, car wheels, carpets, linoleum, boxes, paint cans, etc. For storing goods, vertical carousel storage system increases the space at times. Secondly, to measure, cut off, become easier. Third, the inventory of residuals is simplified. All rolls are located on the rods, rotating in the plane.

Vertical Carousel Storage Shelves

Vertical carousel storage shelves

Automated Carousel racks are designed for automatic warehousing, receiving, placing and issuing small loads, parts and goods and materials.

The design of the carousel (elevator) rack is a movable carousel system, on which rows of shelves are mounted, moving vertically, so these racks are also called vertical carousel racks.

Goods and cargo can be placed in plastic trays installed on the shelves, or the shelves of the carousel rack can be a multifunctional pallet divided into separate sections. The entire system is enclosed in a closet.

At the optimum height for standing or sitting, a working window of a vertical carousel type rack is placed. The use of automated vertical carousel racks suggests the possibility of completing at the same time 5-7 orders by one operator. The principle of order selection is as follows. By pressing the button, the desired shelf with the load fits to the operator. Above the box with the order where you need to put the goods off the shelf, the display lights up with the number of items for selection. The pick-up collects the required quantity from the shelf and confirms the operation by pressing a button.

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