The Effects of Eating Sugary and Fatty Foods on your Teeth

by Charlie Threlfall

Food for the Mouth

Several ways and advanced technologies are being endorsed to the public when it comes to oral care. A lot of promising oral care products are advertised in the marketplace time after time. And yet, we tend to forget that no matter what products we buy or what services we agree to receive, our oral health would still boil down into the kinds of food we intake most of the time–and that would include the effects of fatty and sugary menu served in our dinner table.

Basically, fatty and sugary foods are bad for teeth. You may not realize this until such time when oral problems occur. Sugary, sticky foods promote cavities which is a main reason to poor oral health status, according to the American Dental Association (ADA). This does not limit to candies and cookies alone but even beverages and synthetic juices with a lot of sugary content may cause tooth decay.

When it comes to drinks and beverages, a lot of them could actually cause stains in your teeth. Thus, it would be better to avoid drinks such as coffee, red wine, or tea as these drinks contain staining pigments called” chromogens”.

Moreover, we cannot really pledge to do away with these kinds of food as these could actually be part of our diet already. But what else can we do though?

Certain options can be done to help ensure better oral health while enjoying basic foods. Few of them would include: maintaining a good, well-balanced diet, getting to stay dehydrated all the time, and managing to bring back that healthy, white glow of your teeth through teeth stain removal.

Teeth stain removal could be a great help to jumpstart your new oral care routine! There are several professional dental care services that offers advanced, state-of-the-art technologies for teeth strain removal and teeth whitening. This, partnered with great self-confidence will surely lead you to healthier teeth you deserve.

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