by Charlie Threlfall

One of the most important things that an entrepreneur must prioritize for his business to thrive is productivity. This is the reason why entrepreneurs must invest a lot of their time, effort and resources just to increase it. An effective and efficient way to do this is by purchasing software applications.

Do you know that software applications have two kinds? These include the custom business application software and the off-the-shelf software. Between these two, the most common and the most used by all is the latter.

Off-the-shelf software is the generic one. It is the kind of software that is made available for a large audience. Some examples of which are Microsoft Word Office, Skype and QuickBooks. The main difference of this software as compared to the other is that, it is made to target specific solutions, problems and tasks but is catered for a larger market audience. Sometimes it is even made available worldwide.

Do you have any plans to invest for a software application? What do you prefer buying? Is it custom business application software or the off-the-shelf one? Before you call any software developer or purchase over-the-counter software, it is better for you to know more about these software first. So, read on. We will share you some important information regarding generic software, which we are sure could help you in case you decide.



  1. Lower initial costs

Personalized things cost more right? Since this kind of software is not personalized, unlike custom software, generic software incur lower initial costs. Some are even available in the net for free like Skype or Messenger. Others, like Microsoft Word and Excel, are available for free though for a limited time only.

  1. Applications’ program is all handled by the app developer

Since it is not personalized, you do not have to worry about how this software should be programmed. This software is programmed just like all other units available in the market. Like for example Microsoft Word. Features offered for Microsoft Word in the US are almost the same as compared to those that are in the UK or Australia.


  1. Possibly will not meet all your business’ needs

Since it is basically made and programmed based on the needs of the business world as a whole, then there will surely be a possibility that the software won’t perfectly fit your business. Some features will be useful, others will be useless. Some problems and tasks are properly managed, others are not.

  1. You have to buy another software whenever your business experience grow or change

One of the most inevitable situation in the world is change. Same goes with business. Unfortunately, generic software can’t meet up with the pace. That is why if your business experience change and need to have more updated tactics and software, most probably, you have to buy another software again.

In choosing for the best software for your business, there are but four factors you have to consider. These factors include your business needs, infrastructure, process and budget. The golden rule is, if the software doesn’t fit, then it is surely not a good decision. Better change it.

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