Strong Marketing Strategy

by Charlie Threlfall

Does your business have a strong marketing strategy? Whether you have a riches 100 company or one person shop, to be successful, you must have a strong marketing strategy and you must put it in action always. On the other hand, it does not need to rate a fortune and you do not have to be a creative genius. The solution is develop a strong marketing strategy that has a solid foundation for your efforts. Having a promotional activities like advertising, networking or even direct mail or one-to-one sales efforts, without a marketing strategy is like buying curtains for a house you before having an architectural plan.

How to make a strong marketing strategy?
1. Describe your product or service – it is about your product or the service package.
2. Identify your target market – it is about your ideal customer
3. Know your competitions – know your competitor and what is your advantage or unique proposition.
4. Find a niche – it is a strategy that let you focus on your own marketing efforts.
5. Develop awareness – expose your products 5 or more times
6. Build credibility – you let them sample, touch or taste your product
7. Be consistent – in every way and everything you do.
8. Focus – before you think of making a brochure,ad, direct mail campaign or joining an organization for networking or even conducting a sales call plan first a path to success through the development of consistent and focused markting strategy.

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